Latest Calls

Single Market Programme (COSME): European Social Economy Missions for Community Resilience

Deadline: 7 December 2023

This call for proposals aims to facilitate economic and environmental changes within the social economy sector, especially in rural regions. It supports social economy actors in developing innovative and sustainable practices that will boost rural growth, enhance competitiveness, and contribute to the twin transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy. It focuses on areas such as ecological innovation, green and digital transitions, sustainable agriculture, education and training for the unemployed, and quality of life improvements.

ESF+ EaSI Strand: Social Innovation Practices to combat homelessness

Deadline: 14 December 2023

This initiative seeks to endorse creative projects and/or policy measures aimed at addressing the challenges of homelessness and housing exclusion. Some of these measures may revolve around prevention strategies, access to housing, including housing-led approaches and enabling services, as well as building the capacity of local stakeholders involved in preventing and combating homelessness.

EU4 Health Programme – Prevention on NCDs in the area of dementia and other neurological disorders

Deadline: 17 October 2023

The activities will cover the prevention and care of dementia and other neurological disorders. They will include the implementation of projects involving civil society organisations to support the Member States’ authorities in implementing comprehensive public health policies, the development and transfer of best practices, the development of public health guidelines, the preparation and roll-out of innovative approaches and projects supporting patient pathway…

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